Our Projects


    CBMRT is fostering a culture of transparency by partnering with major medical and biomedical societies, including the publication of studies in Null Hypothesis special editions and journal sections.

    Through partnerships with flagship peer-reviewed journals, we are creating co-branded Null Hypothesis special editions or journal sections that utilize the existing journal infrastructures and maintain independence from any donor sources. To learn more about our Null Hypothesis partnership with the American Academy of Neurology and their flagship journal, Neurology® - click here.

    CBMRT hosts an annual summit series, the Biomedical Transparency Summits, in the US and EU. These summits represent a unique opportunity for stakeholders in the research ecosytem to connect, collaborate and update on major aspects of research transparency. Representatives include stakeholders such as research funders and policy makers, government departments, technology developers, editors, publishers, industry leaders and academia. To learn more about our speakers, programs and participating organizations - click here.

    CBMRT maintains an international ambassador network of researchers interested in promoting the write-up and publication of results at their own institution.

    If you are a clinician, early-career researcher, PhD or Postdoc researcher or coordinator with an interest in enhancing research culture together, please join our network! Please contact enquiries@cbmrt.org for more information.